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NR ▲ title Research center Project status project start end of project
F-5217.30146 CATCAT - Calculable Adapters for Traceable Cable Testing METAS In Process 28.02.2021 27.02.2023
F-5217.30148 20IND03 FutureCom METAS In Process 31.08.2021 30.08.2024
F-5217.30150 20IND12 Elena METAS In Process 31.08.2021 30.08.2024
F-5218.30019 EMRP-IND51: Metrology for Optical and RF Communication Systems METAS Finished 30.06.2013 29.06.2016
F-5218.30022 EMRP-IND60: Improved EMC Test Methods in Industrial Environments METAS Finished 30.06.2013 29.06.2016
F-5218.30069 Grundangebot im Proficiency Testing für EMV METAS Finished 31.12.2015 30.12.2019
F-5232.30002 EMRP-ENV01: MACPoll Metrology for Chemical Pollutants in Air METAS Finished 31.05.2011 30.05.2014
F-5232.30018 SI-Atemalkoholgenerator METAS Finished 31.12.2012 30.03.2014
F-5232.30041 EMRP-ENV55: Metrology for ammonia in ambient air (MetNH3) METAS Finished 31.05.2014 30.05.2017
F-5232.30051 AtmoChemECV: Standards for Atmospheric, Chemical Essential Climate Variables METAS Finished 31.05.2014 29.06.2019
F-5232.30059 Met-AAM: Metrologisches Atemalkoholmessgerät METAS Finished 31.10.2015 29.10.2017
F-5232.30086 16ENV05 MetNO2: Metrology for nitrogen dioxide METAS In Process 31.05.2017 30.08.2020
F-5232.30097 Breath alcohol triangle (BAT) METAS In Process 31.03.2018 30.10.2020
F-5232.30102 Atmosphärisch Chemische Essential Climate Variables 2 METAS In Process 31.05.2018 29.05.2021
F-5232.30119 18NET04 ForClimateOcean: Support for a European Metrology Network for climate METAS In Process 30.04.2019 29.04.2024
F-5232.30136 19ENV06 MetClimVOC: Metrology for climate relevant volatile organic compounds METAS In Process 31.05.2020 29.05.2023
F-5232.30141 ALBATROSS - Balloon-borne laser spectrometer for UTLS water research METAS In Process 31.08.2020 31.08.2022
F-5235.30003 EMRP-ENV02: Emerging Requirements for Measuring Pollutants from Automotive Exhaust Emissions METAS Finished 31.05.2011 30.05.2014
F-5235.30063 EMPIR-14IND12: Metrology for innovative nanoparticles (Innanopart) METAS Finished 30.04.2015 27.04.2018
F-5235.30067 Umweltaerosol-Generator METAS In Process 29.02.2016 27.02.2020
F-5235.30085 16ENV02 Black Carbon: Metrology for light absorption by atmospheric aerosols METAS In Process 30.06.2017 30.12.2020
F-5235.30087 16ENV07 AEROMET: Aerosol metrology for atmospheric science and air quality METAS In Process 31.05.2017 30.10.2020
F-5235.30104 Intern gemischte Referenzaerosole METAS In Process 30.06.2018 29.06.2019
F-5235.30113 18HLT02 AeroTox: Measurements for mitigatin adverse health effects from atmospheric particulate pollutants METAS In Process 31.05.2019 30.05.2022
F-5235.30137 19ENV08 AEROMETII: Advanced aerosol metrology for atmospheric science and air quality METAS In Process 31.08.2020 30.08.2023