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NR title Research center Project status project start ▼ end of project
634087 Militancy, counter-terrorism and conflict SDC Finished 31.10.2018 30.10.2019
633498 Innocence in Capital Cases SDC Finished 30.11.2015 29.04.2018
7F-10241.01 Towards an innovative single-dose oral treatment for Sleeping Sickness SDC In Process 28.02.2019 30.12.2019
7F-10034.01 Building Social Cohesion: Mapping and Analysis of Spaces of Dialogue and Participation in Northern part of Mozambique SDC In Process 27.03.2019 30.12.2019
633670 Carnegie: Promoting Dem. Governance SDC Finished 31.08.2017 30.12.2018
7F-09521.01 RUNRES, Phase 01 SDC In Process 30.04.2019 29.04.2023
634570 The Migrant Rights Database: Global Analysis SDC In Process 30.04.2019 30.08.2020
7F-08339.02 WB EFO: The case of Senegal and Gambia Externally Financed Output SDC In Process 24.04.2019 29.09.2020
634643 Research Working Group on the Horn of Africa in support of the African Union High Level Implementation Panel SDC In Process 31.05.2019 29.06.2021
7F-10192.01 Innovations for efficient quality health systems SDC In Process 31.05.2019 29.04.2020
7F-09802.01 Clean Air China Programme - Phase 1 SDC In Process 31.07.2019 30.07.2022
ExSt.2020.1021 VOTO Methodenexperiment - Evaluation schriftlicher Befragungsmethoden für Abstimmungsnachbefragungen FCH Finished 30.08.2019 30.08.2019
634702 The UN Security Council and Transitional Justice: Impact and Practice SDC In Process 14.08.2019 30.07.2020
633928 Policy Paper on Human Rights and Conflict Stabilization SDC Finished 31.12.2017 30.12.2018
7F-03880.09 Contribution ciblée au Réseau sur les politiques et la coopération internationales en éducation et en formation - NORRAG SDC In Process 31.12.2017 30.12.2020
634047 AdH/Strengthening the role of UN human rights mechanisms in monitoring the SDGS that seek to realize ESCR SDC In Process 31.12.2017 30.12.2019
603012 Swiss Financial Contribution for the "Geneva Peacebuilding Platform" (GPP) for 2018 - 2019 SDC In Process 31.12.2017 30.12.2019
680290 Étude "Pricipes directeurs de l'ONU relatifs aux entreprises et aux droits de l'homme" SDC Finished 04.12.2017 29.11.2018
7F-10093.01 Contribution to research for Clean Air Project in India SDC In Process 31.10.2019 29.09.2023
634088 Projet de revue et d'analyse des cadres conceptuels, politiques législatifs, doctrinaux et opérationnels SDC In Process 31.10.2019 30.05.2020
7F-10359.01 Research and Technologies for sustainable development in the global South SDC In Process 30.11.2019 30.12.2022
7F-02691.07 Contribution Global Education Monitoring Report 19-22 SDC In Process 30.11.2019 30.12.2022
7F-10361.01 Dynamic Electronic decision trees to manage sick children (DYNAMIC) SDC In Process 14.11.2019 30.12.2022
633935 Supporting stability & security in North Africa SDC Finished 31.01.2018 30.01.2019
634142 The Future of U.S. Policy Towards Gaza SDC Finished 31.01.2018 30.01.2019