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97.0084 ACCORD: Atmospheric circulation, classification and regional downscaling EU RFP Finished 31.12.1997 29.11.2000
98.0183 FC IG CHIMERES IN CELL INTERACTIONS: Evaluation of the role of Fc-chimeric adhesion molecules of the Ig superfamily in modulating neural cell interactions EU RFP Finished 30.11.1998 29.11.2000
98.0269 CLEANCARBHY: A clean process for carbon nanoparticles and hydrogen production from plasma hydrocarbon cracking EU RFP Finished 31.12.1998 29.11.2000
96.0331 SILENCE LIGHT: Outdoors active noise control technologies EU RFP Finished 31.10.1996 29.11.2000
97.0505 SYLADEC: Development of a tunable, ultrafast, production laser system for the multicolour and photographic laser decoration and customer specific finishes on polymeric products EU RFP Finished 30.09.1997 29.11.2000
96.0428 OPTIMISTIK: Engineering high quality crops by optimizing lysine, methionine and cysteine content EU RFP Finished 31.08.1997 29.11.2000
97.0469-2 Development of an energy optimiser for asynchronous motors EU RFP Finished 31.01.1998 29.11.2000
26023 E2000 Betriebsoptimierung, Anlagen Typ 1+2 / Leitungsgarantie SFOE Finished 31.12.1997 29.11.2000
15571 NOx-Modellierung in nicht vorgemischten Systemen mittels PDF-Transportgleichungen SFOE Finished 09.12.1995 29.11.2000
C96.0062 Towards Sustainability within Urban Water Management COST Finished 30.11.1996 29.11.2000
98.0193-2 REMATOVI: Reduction of machine tool vibrations EU RFP Finished 30.11.1998 29.11.2000
97.0598 BIOPATT: Patterning of biomolecules on sensor surfaces EU RFP Finished 30.11.1998 29.11.2000
95.0825 IMS-WG: Working Group on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems EU RFP Finished 31.05.1996 29.11.2000
97.0571-2 European Federation on Biotechnology - Task Group on Public Perceptions of Biotechnology (2) EU RFP Finished 30.11.1998 29.11.2000
95.0190 ABRATIP: Advanced abradables and tip coatings for gas turbines EU RFP Finished 31.05.1996 29.11.2000
98.0065 SELECT - Rating and filtering of scientific, technical and other network documents EU RFP Finished 30.11.1998 29.11.2000
00.000264 Endogene DNA-Modifikation ("l-compounds") in Leber und Dickdarm der Ratte bei verschiedenen Fettdiäten SFOPH Finished 30.04.2000 29.11.2000
98.0124 Xenotransplantation: ethical, social, economical and legal aspects EU RFP Finished 28.02.1999 29.11.2000
2000.E.11 Recherches méthodologiques: protection des eaux souterraines en milieu fissuré FOEN Finished 22.05.2000 29.11.2000
99.0526 B-V Monooxygenases: Biotransformations using Baeyer-Villiger mono-oxygenases EU RFP Finished 30.06.1999 29.11.2000
38029 Übersetzung/Implementierung Softw. IDEA HTA Yverdon SFOE Finished 30.06.2000 29.11.2000
97.0281-2 DRAMA: Developments in rehabilitation of the arm - A multimedia approach EU RFP Finished 31.05.1998 29.11.2000
98.0070 PHOTO-VENT: Development of PV powered smart natural ventilation devices EU RFP Finished 31.08.1998 29.11.2000
00.000068 Abschluss des Forschungsprojekts Untersuchung der Inzidenz strahleninduzierter Tumoren und Schilddrüsenaffektionen in Weissrussland SFOPH Finished 24.01.2000 29.11.2000
97.0509-1 SEABUS-HYDAER: Wing assisted hydrofoil enabling technologies, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics EU RFP Finished 30.11.1997 29.11.2000