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NR ▲ title Research center Project status project start end of project
P2014-EMBL-ElixirHub European Molecular Biology Laboratory; European Molecular Biology Organization SERI Finished 31.12.2013 30.12.2016
P2014-EMBO-YIP Sprecher EMBO Young Investigators Sprecher SERI Finished 31.01.2014 30.12.2016
P2014-EU-Jugend-Swisscore SERI In Process 31.12.2013 30.12.2016
P2014-FH-Euraxess SERI Finished 31.12.2013 30.12.2016
P2014-ILL-EPFL SERI In Process 30.11.2014 30.12.2016
P2015-Eurostars-001 Face2Phone - Fusion between video analytics and mobile phones for large-scale scenario SERI Finished 30.09.2015 29.09.2017
P2015-Eurostars-002 QAMEL - Question Answering on Mobile Device SERI Finished 30.09.2015 29.09.2018
P2015-Eurostars-003 MASUM - Marine Sulfur Monitor for Continuous Emission Monitoring of SOx Scrubber on Seagoing Vessels. SERI Finished 30.09.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-004 A'CHEF: Agile & Collaborative HEVC HLS Framework Engine for FPGA & ASIC SERI Finished 31.08.2015 30.12.2018
P2015-Eurostars-005 ECOSTRIPPAIR-2 - New ecological mechatronic maintenance system for safer and cost-effective aircraft stripping SERI Finished 31.08.2015 30.08.2017
P2015-Eurostars-006 ADCHIP - A biomarker chip-assay in preserved red blood cells for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease SERI Finished 31.10.2015 27.02.2019
P2015-Eurostars-007 QuCHAP - Quantum-safe Communications for High Altitude Platforms SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-008 Better hemicraniectomy - Important improvements in the clinical management of hemicraniectomy SERI Finished 31.08.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-009 SLDESUTO-BOX SERI Finished 30.09.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-010 SIPR - Silicon Plastic Readout Gamma Detection Technology SERI Finished 30.09.2015 30.12.2017
P2015-Eurostars-011 ATRI - A 99m TC-labeled Radiopharmaceutical for the Imaging of hypoxia and of renal cell carcinoma SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-012 MATPAX - Material and manufacturing process for plastic parts fulfilling extreme demands SERI Finished 30.09.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-013 AddMoreNMR - Accelerating Drug Design by Automated NMR SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-014 MTP in situ sequencer - Microfluidic tissue processor (MTP) for integrated in site sequencing (ISS) SERI Finished 31.10.2015 29.04.2017
P2015-Eurostars-015 BENgine II - Energy Data Analytics: Increasing Service Quality and Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector SERI Finished 31.10.2015 30.12.2018
P2015-Eurostars-016 ALVALE - Anatomical Localization of the origin of Ventricular Arrhytmias from the 12-Lead ECG SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-017 RayFEye - Ray tracing in ophthalmic finite element models for predicting of visual acuity enhancement SERI Finished 31.10.2015 29.04.2018
P2015-Eurostars-018 SMIT - Smart Magnetic Identification Technology SERI Finished 31.10.2015 30.12.2018
P2015-Eurostars-019 Flex-EPV Converter: Flexible multi-directional high power EV-PV convertor for domestic energy management SERI Finished 31.08.2015 30.08.2018
P2015-Eurostars-020 AP3-Hard: Advanced pulsed plasma processing tools for hard coatings SERI Finished 31.10.2015 30.12.2019