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NR ▲ title Research center Project status project start end of project
P2015-Eurostars-021 InflatableCAR - Lightweight inflatable car elements for more efficient vehicles SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-022 ToxHQ CRO - Predictive Toxicology Contract Research Organisation and Infrastructure Development SERI Finished 30.06.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-023 ComAlert: Consciousness Monitoring, Assessment, prediction and Life activities with EEG in Real Time SERI Finished 30.06.2015 30.12.2019
P2015-Eurostars-024 BiSECT - Development of a potent bispecific antibody combination to treat colon cancer with reduced toxicity. SERI Finished 01.07.2015 30.06.2017
P2015-Eurostars-025 Hybrid Macrocycles - Synthetic scaffolds for peptide stabilization and drug delivery SERI Finished 31.05.2015 29.04.2018
P2015-Eurostars-026 DIESEL - Distributed Search in Large Enterprise Data SERI Finished 30.06.2015 29.06.2018
P2015-Eurostars-027 FISHGUARD - Improving of fish viral monitoring through the development of rapid diagnostic tests SERI Finished 31.03.2015 30.03.2018
P2015-Eurostars-028 CADAC - Canine Antivascular Drug Against Cancer SERI Finished 06.04.2015 27.02.2020
P2015-Eurostars-029 Advanco - Advancing Antibody Drug Conjugates SERI Finished 30.04.2015 30.03.2018
P2015-Eurostars-030 MM-HUMAB SERI Finished 31.05.2015 30.05.2017
P2015-Eurostars-031 PARD-LMJ - Pushing the limits of high Aspect Ratio Drilling with Laser MicroJet SERI Finished 30.06.2015 30.12.2018
P2015-Eurostars-032 VERIPHARM - Authentication of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms (pills) in Packaging SERI Finished 31.05.2015 30.12.2018
P2015-Eurostars-033 Q-Ranger: Quantum Random Number GEneRator SERI Finished 31.03.2015 30.03.2018
P2015-Eurostars-034 SMART-MATCH SERI Finished 30.04.2015 30.10.2016
P2015-Eurostars-035 TREAT-MEMT - The development of a novel medicine for advanced prostate cancer. SERI Finished 01.07.2015 30.06.2018
P2015-Eurostars-036 Nanoneck2 - Targeting small and large nanoparticles for treatment of head and neck metastases and primary tumor SERI Finished 31.08.2015 30.12.2020
P2015-Eurostars-037 SOMA - Smart media management for sOcial custoMer Attention SERI Finished 31.03.2015 30.12.2018
P2015-SSAG Bundesunterstützung Fondation Jules Thurmann Service scientifique auxiliaires en géosciences SERI Finished 31.12.2013 30.12.2016
P2016-AAL-001 Active Advice - Decision Support Solution SERI Finished 31.03.2016 30.12.2020
P2016-AAL-002 AAL Active@Home - Social ExerGaming SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2020
P2016-AAL-003 AAL-2015-DayGuide SERI Finished 31.03.2016 30.12.2020
P2016-AAL-004 EDLAH2-Enhanced Daily Living and Health 2 SERI Finished 31.05.2016 30.12.2020
P2016-AAL-005 EnterTrain - Entertainment by Training SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2021
P2016-AAL-006 Kith&Kin SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2020
P2016-AAL-007 My Life, My Way SERI Finished 30.11.2015 30.12.2020