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NR ▲ title Research center Project status project start end of project
P2016-Eurostars-015 ViDiLas - Visible Diode Laser for treatment of eye diseases by laser coagulation. SERI Finished 31.07.2016 29.04.2019
P2016-Eurostars-016 SafeSpindle - Modular cloud-based Condition Monitoring with shared intelligence for spindles and machine tools SERI Finished 30.06.2016 30.12.2021
P2016-Eurostars-017 EDWIGE - Early detection of water-vapor instabilities by GNSS estimation. SERI Finished 31.01.2016 30.12.2019
P2016-Eurostars-018 DEBORAH SERI Finished 31.03.2016 30.03.2019
P2016-Eurostars-019 ADVANCRTM SERI Finished 29.02.2016 27.02.2019
P2016-Eurostars-020 PERISCOPE - Improving Efficiency and Saving Lifecycle Costs in Public Buildings SERI Finished 31.03.2016 30.07.2018
P2016-Eurostars-021 LEAP - LEvitation Apparatus combined with neuromodulation to restore locomotion after spinal cord injury SERI Finished 31.03.2016 30.01.2019
P2016-Eurostars-022 PaveScan-4D - High-Density Pavement Scanning for Condition Monitoring of Roads SERI Finished 31.08.2016 30.08.2018
P2016-Eurostars-023 DR-Design - Computer software for automated design of discontinuity regions of structural concrete members SERI Finished 30.09.2016 29.09.2018
P2016-Eurostars-024 COMBIMAT - A new physical vapour deposition technology for the manufacture of combinatorial material libraries SERI Finished 30.09.2016 29.06.2019
P2016-Eurostars-025 opTIMISm - Developing and validating diagnostic tools for tight monitoring of Inflammatory Arthritis patients SERI Finished 30.09.2016 29.09.2019
P2016-Eurostars-026 HEARit - Towards a treatment for hearing loss: validation of novel drugs in new translational animal models SERI Finished 14.09.2016 13.03.2019
P2016-Eurostars-027 Pathway Disco - Conformation-Stabilized GPCRs for Pathway Specific Drug Discovery SERI Finished 31.08.2016 27.02.2019
P2016-Eurostars-028 MODELS - System modeling and design exploration of applications for heterogeneous and parallel platforms SERI Finished 31.08.2016 30.12.2019
P2016-Eurostars-029 BISCELTECH - Bistable meachanisms towards a disruptive Braille cells technology SERI Finished 31.08.2016 30.08.2019
P2016-Eurostars-030 HARaMold - High aspect ratio mold production using water guided laser machining SERI Finished 31.08.2016 30.12.2021
P2016-Eurostars-031 eBIONERVE - personalized nerve grafts for treating human nerve injuries SERI Finished 31.08.2016 30.12.2020
P2016-Eurostars-032 POLYOMINO - All-in-one platform for the design and the production of customized free-form OPV modules SERI Finished 30.09.2016 29.09.2019
P2016-Eurostars-033 ICENESS - An Innovative Cryogenic Tube for Vacuum Blood Collection and Cryostor age of Plasma Samples SERI Finished 31.08.2016 30.12.2020
P2016-Eurostars-034 MACADAMS - Modifying Adhoc Centralised Advertisement with DigitArena Multicast over Satellite SERI Finished 02.10.2016 04.10.2018
P2016-Eurostars-035 UWB_SENS SERI Finished 30.09.2016 30.12.2019
P2016-Eurostars-036 SensiScreen Skin - Sensitive Screening in Treatment of Skin Cancer SERI Finished 30.09.2016 30.12.2020
P2016-Eurostars-037 EXCITING - Development of an Extended Coverage Cellular Internet of Things System-on-Chip and Related Module SERI Finished 31.10.2016 29.04.2019
P2016-Eurostars-038 ISOS - Novel System for Lean Design and Increased Safety of Offshore Structures SERI Finished 07.08.2016 07.08.2018
P2016-Eurostars-039 MSA for SUB's SERI Finished 29.02.2016 27.02.2018