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NR title Research center ▼ Project status project start end of project
00.0378-2 UrbVent: Natural ventilation in urban areas -- potential assessment and optimal façade design EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2003
01.0007 VIEW OF THE FUTURE: Virtual and interactive environments for workplaces of the future EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2003
00.0608 SAFE-GUARD: Action for enhancement of occupational safety and guarding of health for professional drivers EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2003
99.0055-3 MC4: Manufacturing Cluster 4 EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2001
00.0454 CONTINENT: High-resolution continental paleoclimate record in the Lake Baikal: a key-site for Eurasian teleconnections to the North Atlantic Ocean and monsoonal system EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.10.2004
00.0387 ADFAST: Automation for drilling, fastening, assembly, systems integration, and tooling EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.03.2004
00.0402 PROCIS: Production of large area CIS modules EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2003
00.0116-2 RUROS: Rediscovering the urban realm and open spaces EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2003
00.0280-2 AMON: Advanced care and alert portable telemedical monitor EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.03.2003
00.0231-1 ROCKFOR: Rockfall - forest interrelation; efficiency of the protective function of mountain forest against rockfalls. EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 29.06.2004
00.0313 APOTOOL: Natural Apomixis as a novel tool in plant breeding EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 29.06.2004
00.0598 PAPER ++ EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2003
01.0015 6WINIT: IPv6 wireless internet initiative EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.01.2003
99.0463 EFFE: Evaluating financing of forestry in Europe EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2004
00.0209-2 GLACIORISK: Survey and prevention of extreme glaciological hazards in European montainous regions EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2003
00.0431-3 INPRO: Information processing by natural neural networks EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 29.04.2005
00.0107-1 VDA: Virtual destination application - Trial EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 29.06.2002
00.0184-2 GLORIA-EUROPE: The European dimension of the global observation research initiative in alpine environments - a contribution to GTOS EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.07.2003
01.0334 EUNITE: European network on intelligent technologies for smart adaptive systems EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 29.06.2004
00.0368 COFURN: Co-operation for consensus, standardisation and interoperability to support e-com services in the furniture sector EU RFP Finished 14.12.2000 13.12.2002
01.0071 PROFUSE: Automation of large-scale protein functional sequence analysis EU RFP Finished 30.11.2000 29.11.2002
00.0409 PROTECH: Nutritional enhancement of probiotics and prebiotics - Technology aspects on microbial viability, stability, functionality and on prebiotic function EU RFP Finished 30.11.2000 29.11.2004
00.0223 ECCO: European cell cycle consortium EU RFP Finished 30.11.2000 30.01.2004
00.0321 ADIOS: Atmospheric deposition and impact of pollutants, key elements and nutrients on the open mediterranean sea EU RFP Finished 30.11.2000 30.03.2004
00.0422-2 EBP: Comparative analysis of proteome modulation in human pathogenic bacteria for the identification of new vaccines, diagnostics and antibacterial drug targets. EU RFP Finished 30.11.2000 30.05.2003