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NR ▲ title Research center Project status project start end of project
P2017-Akademien-CH Bundesunterstützung Akademien-CH SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-Balgrist Campus AG Bundesunterstützung Swiss Center for Musculosceletal Biobanking and Imaging and Clinical Movement Analysis (Balgrist) SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-BITg Bundesunterstützung Thurgauische Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Forschung SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-CBG Bundesunterstützung Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-CERN SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-CIESM SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-CSEM Bundesunterstützung Centre suisse d'éléctronique et de microtechnique SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-DDS Bundesunterstützung Documents Diplomatiques SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-EMBL-ElixirHub European Molecular Biology Laboratory; European Molecular Biology Organization SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-EMBL/EMBC Beteiligung der Schweiz am EMBL, Europäisches Laboratorium für Molekularbiologie und an der EMBC, Europäische Konferenz für Molekularbiologie, Heidelberg SERI Finished 31.12.2015 30.12.2020
P2017-ESO Beteiligung der Schweiz an der ESO, Europäische Organisation für Astronomie, Garching bei München SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-ESRF SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-ESS-PSI Beiträge an das Projekt European Spallation Source ESS/ERIC SERI Finished 31.12.2016 30.12.2020
P2017-Eurostars-001 BIG - Next-generation encoded chemical libraries for drug discovery. SERI Finished 28.02.2017 27.02.2019
P2017-Eurostars-002 MDFD - Medical device for measuring electro-mechanical properties of skeletal muscles. SERI Finished 31.03.2017 29.09.2019
P2017-Eurostars-003 HEARTLINC - A rapid diagnostic test to predict heart failure after a myocardial infarction. SERI Finished 31.03.2017 31.03.2020
P2017-Eurostars-004 ToBeBio SERI Finished 31.03.2017 30.03.2019
P2017-Eurostars-005 Shear-ATLAS SERI Finished 30.06.2017 29.06.2020
P2017-Eurostars-006 TwingPower SERI Finished 31.03.2017 29.09.2018
P2017-Eurostars-007 HF-PREDICT - A Clinical Wearable System with Predictive Analytics for Heart Failure Management. SERI Finished 28.02.2017 27.02.2019
P2017-Eurostars-008 PVCOM - Multifunctional photovoltaic devices based on transparent composite and cigs for integration. SERI Finished 30.04.2017 30.10.2019
P2017-Eurostars-009 CHIP SCG - On-chip broadband efficient super continuum generation. SERI Finished 30.04.2017 29.04.2019
P2017-Eurostars-010 RESTORE - Restoring locomotion in paraplegic patients based on targeted epidural electrical stimulation. SERI Finished 31.03.2017 29.09.2019
P2017-Eurostars-012 SOMMA - Sensor Optical Multi-purpose Mid-IR Applications SERI Finished 30.04.2017 29.04.2020
P2017-Eurostars-013 INFORMAT - Inspection of Fiber Orientations in Reinforced Materials. SERI Finished 31.05.2017 29.06.2020