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NR title Research center Project status project start ▼ end of project
96.0279-2 ESDEM: ESD protection design methodology EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 29.06.1999
96.0279-1 ESDEM: ESD protection design methodology EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 29.06.1999
96.0247 DST: Research and experimental validation on the DST performance test method for solar domestic water heaters EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 30.08.1999
17225 Drei integrierte PV-Schallschutz Versuchsfelder: Bau und Erprobung SFOE Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.2002
20552 IEA PVPS Task VII SFOE Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.2006
20656 Methodische Weiterentwicklungen in Aeroradiometrie SFOE Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.2001
19507 Modèle de tubes enterrés adapté à l'environnement TRNSYS SFOE Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.1998
21180 Katalytische Synthesen ausgehend von Kohlendioxid SFOE Finished 31.12.1996 29.12.2000
21439 Berechnung der Kostenkurven für Sanierungen von Wohngebäude SFOE Finished 31.12.1996 29.06.1997
96.0336 Quality criteria for computed tomography EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 29.06.1999
96.0289 CAROTENE PLUS: Improvement of the carotenoid content of human food and animal feed EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 29.06.2000
96.0223 SETamp: Application of single electron devices for the development of a current standard EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 29.06.1999
3040.1;6 MJK INNOSUISSE Finished 31.12.1996 10.05.2001
3376.1;2 WZS WZMO Multifunktionale Simulationen im Maschinenbau durch virtuelle Realität (SIMVR) INNOSUISSE Finished 31.12.1996 01.03.1998
3487.2;2 KTS Entwicklung eines Aquakulturverfahrens zur direkten Nutzung des Prozesswassers einer Fermentierungs-/Kompostierungsanlage zur Produktion von Biomasse (Nahrungs- und Futtermittel) INNOSUISSE Finished 31.12.1996 19.10.2000
C96.0067 Entomopathogenic Nematodes COST Finished 31.12.1996 29.09.2000
C96.0107 Impact on road safety of the mechanical, visual and noise effects of road markings (exigences applicables au marquage routier horizontal) COST Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.1999
C96.0090 COST Finished 31.12.1996 30.07.1999
C96.0144 Optimale Ernährung und Holzasche-Recycling im Wald COST Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.2001
96.0119 COPPERPLAS: Application of copper alloys in manufacturing of injection moulds for plastics EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.1998
96.0174-1 SESA: Spelt, a recovered crop for the future of sustainable agriculture in Europe EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.2000
96.0202 SIMCES: System identification to monitor civil engineering structures EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.1998
96.0201 INTFIB: Novel integrated high speed fibre production EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 30.12.1999
96.0177 ERRICCA: European Research into radon in construction EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 29.06.1999
96.0434 EU.NET.ICP: European network for development of an integrated control strategy of potato late blight EU RFP Finished 31.12.1996 28.02.2000