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NR title Research center Project status project start ▲ end of project
F-5235.30138 19ENV09 MetroPEMS: Improved vehicle exhaust quantification by portable emission measurement systems metrology METAS In Process 31.08.2020 30.08.2023
20.011045 HTA-Projekt Levothyroxin SFOPH In Process 31.08.2020 30.10.2022
43021.1 IP-EE Detection and quantification of nanoparticles in real-world samples INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 30.06.2023
42710.1 IP-ENG Motorized electronic brake valve INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 30.06.2023
36744.1 IP-SBM [Call for Innovation in Social Science and Business Management] Digital transformation of consulting: accelerating data-driven assessments of software projects INNOSUISSE Finished 31.08.2020 31.07.2022
46716.1 IP-ENG Data-Driven Adaptive Control for High-End Motion Systems INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 31.10.2022
SI/502087 ALPINE – Untersuchung zum Alterungsverhalten von PV-Modulen einer hochalpinen PV-Anlage SFOE In Process 31.08.2020 31.08.2023
SI/502082 Stoichiometric H2-engine with EGR SFOE Finished 31.08.2020 30.07.2021
CYD-F-2021002 ADHeS: Angriff und Verteidigung auf FPGA-CPU Heterogene Systeme AR In Process 31.08.2020 30.08.2023
SI/502026 ACME – Anaerobic digestion with Conductive Material and Electrogenic microorganisms SFOE In Process 31.08.2020 30.07.2023
SI/502091 Inter-policy Coordination Around Renewable Energies SFOE In Process 31.08.2020 30.11.2023
39361.1 IP-EE FMCW-basiertes X-Band Radar für Bio-Monitoring im Luftraum INNOSUISSE Finished 31.08.2020 31.08.2022
47949.1 INNO-SBM Visualisierungs-Plattform INNOSUISSE Finished 31.08.2020 31.07.2021
SI/502095 GRE-GEO – Bohrlochverrohrung aus glasfaserverstärktem Kunststoff für geothermische Anwendungen SFOE In Process 31.08.2020 31.05.2024
SI/502057 Rechen@HWE – Schwemmholzrechen auf Hochwasserentlastungsanlagen SFOE Finished 31.08.2020 30.01.2022
SI/502066 CISBAT 2021 International Conference SFOE Finished 31.08.2020 29.11.2021
43273.1 IP-LS Home-Based Fitness Gaming for Diabetes Prevention: Effects of Game-Based Training on Cardio-Metabolic and Cerebrovascular Health in Individuals at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 31.03.2023
635203 Mapping of planned relocation in the context of disasters and the adverse effects of climate change PHRD Finished 31.08.2020 30.03.2021
39644.1 IP-ENG ReSurf INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 30.11.2022
41939.1 IP-ENG ARTISTIC: ARTIficial Intelligence for real-time quality eSTImation and Control in laser cutting INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 28.02.2023
38934.1 IP-LS DeMoViS - Automatic Device for Mosquitos Viral Screening via DNA-based Biosensors INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 31.08.2023
J20_02 Online-Hassrede im Bereich Sexismus und LGBTIQ*-Feindlichkeit bei Kindern und Jugendlichen FSIO Finished 31.08.2020 24.03.2021
142003961 Time trends, events and spatial analysis Legionärskrankheit 2017-2020 SFOPH Finished 31.08.2020 29.04.2022
SI/502145 IEA Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme – Mitgliedsbeitrag (common fund) 2020–2023 SFOE In Process 31.08.2020 30.12.2023
7270290 Auswirkungen der direkten Übertragung auf die Wirtsanpassung des Virus der Japanischen Enzephalitis IVI In Process 31.08.2020 30.05.2024