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NR ▲ title Research center Project status project start end of project
P2017-Eurostars-019 GeneDock - Precision Docking of Very Large DNA Cargos in Genomes SERI Finished 30.09.2017 28.02.2020
P2017-Eurostars-020 IMALA - Instrument for measurement of aerosol light absorption SERI Finished 30.11.2017 29.11.2020
P2017-Eurostars-021 BioArchitect - Biofabrication method for in-vivo like tissue manufacturing SERI Finished 09.10.2017 08.10.2020
P2017-Eurostars-022 Chem2Bio - A novel structure based discovery platform to translate orphan GPCR into drug targets SERI Finished 31.10.2017 30.10.2019
P2017-Eurostars-023 SPARKLE - Selection and development of a therapeutic antibody against drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae. SERI Finished 31.10.2017 30.10.2020
P2017-Eurostars-024 ENEFRF - Energy Efficient PET Cancer Diagnostics: Novel RF Source for Radioisotope Production SERI Finished 31.10.2017 30.10.2020
P2017-Eurostars-025 Automated Shark Spotting: surveillance system SERI Finished 31.10.2017 31.05.2019
P2017-Eurostars-026 SOUL - Lithographically shaped FluidFM probes for manipulation of adult cardiomyocytes in vitro SERI Finished 31.08.2017 30.08.2020
P2017-Eurostars-027 Xpatch - surveillance system SERI Finished 30.11.2017 29.11.2020
P2017-Eurostars-028 ADVISE2 - Artificial intelligence based Driving simulation and Visualisation tools for road Safety improvEment SERI Finished 30.09.2017 29.09.2019
P2017-Eurostars-029 ONCOFITIN Drug Conjugates - First in class vectors targeting cytotoxic drugs into solid tumors SERI Finished 31.10.2017 30.01.2020
P2017-Eurostars-030 WEEEcover - A novel, environmentally friendly process for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment SERI Finished 31.08.2017 30.08.2019
P2017-Eurostars-031 ACCORDS - Active Coherent Remote Dispersion Spectrometer SERI Finished 14.09.2017 13.09.2020
P2017-Eurostars-032 BEYOND - Driving MRI beyond human physiology limits to reveal aging brain pathology SERI Finished 31.08.2017 30.08.2020
P2017-Eurostars-033 MIFEM - Micro module for cw to femtosecond machining SERI Finished 30.11.2017 28.02.2020
P2017-Eurostars-034 ST/TS SC T&T - Transforming Supply Chain Traceability with Blockchain, Serialization & Secure Packaging SERI Finished 31.08.2017 30.08.2019
P2017-Eurostars-035 METPRINT1 - A novel process for production of advanced electronic components SERI Finished 31.08.2017 30.08.2019
P2017-Eurostars-036 QuPIC - Quantum-Safe Communication based on Photonic Integrated Circuits SERI Finished 30.11.2017 29.11.2020
P2017-Eurostars-037 CONTAXENSE - A Passive Sensor Embedded in Contact Lens for Glaucoma Monitoring SERI Finished 31.08.2017 30.08.2019
P2017-Eurostars-038 DEEPSEGMENT - A workflow-driven solution for the complete segmentation in medical and biological imaging SERI Finished 31.10.2017 30.04.2020
P2017-Eurostars-039 CO2.global - infrastructure for CO2 mapping from city to country scale SERI Finished 30.09.2017 29.09.2019
P2017-Eurostars-040 BIOFAST SERI Finished 03.12.2017 04.11.2019
P2017-Eurostars-041 TV_SDN - When Headend met Network SERI Finished 31.08.2017 30.08.2019
P2017-Eurostars-042 RCI - Robotic Cochlear Implantation SERI Finished 30.09.2017 29.09.2019
P2017-Eurostars-043 BLINK - Optical imaging in the blink of an eye SERI Finished 30.09.2017 30.12.2019