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NR title Research center Project status ▲ project start end of project
SI/501978 Seismic behaviour of creeping landslides at the flanks of water reservoirs: Long-term field measurements SFOE In Process 31.12.2022 29.06.2030
39077.1 IP-ENG TEXtile integrated HYbrid Printed Electronics INNOSUISSE In Process 31.05.2020 31.05.2023
39259.1 IP-ENG Self-centering and confining memory steel reinforcements in concrete bridge columns INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 28.02.2023
SI/501989 Bioenergie und zirkuläre Ökonomie: die Biogasanlage als Drehscheibe SFOE In Process 31.05.2020 29.10.2022
39833.1 IP-LS Smart digital monitoring of abdominal aortic aneurysms (SmartLyf) INNOSUISSE In Process 31.05.2020 30.11.2022
37792.1 IP-EE Development of eco-friendly carton-based packaging system for food and beverage application INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2020 30.09.2023
34052.1 IP-LS Tongue fitness (TOFI) trainer - Digital & interactive anti-snore therapy INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2020 31.03.2022
41263.1 IP-EE Development of a stochastic assessment and optimization tool for advising corporates on financing renewable energy projects INNOSUISSE In Process 31.01.2020 28.02.2022
39644.1 IP-ENG ReSurf INNOSUISSE In Process 31.08.2020 31.08.2022
37379.1 IP-SBM Instrumentarium zur Überführung von spitalweiten Influenzapräventionsprogrammen von der Theorie in die Praxis (B-HAIP) INNOSUISSE In Process 08.03.2020 08.03.2022
41665.1 IP-ICT Topological suite for deep learning: enhanced model reliability, stability and performance INNOSUISSE In Process 01.03.2020 01.04.2023
38767.1 IP-ENG Mobile Instrument Transformer Calibration System INNOSUISSE In Process 30.06.2020 31.12.2022
40922.1 IP-LS Assessment of the efficacy of novel inhibitors against pancreatic cancer INNOSUISSE In Process 24.03.2020 24.07.2022
41013.1 IP-ICT RisKlick: Maximizing Likelihood of Success for Clinical Trials INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2020 30.09.2022
37557.1 IP-ENG Cellulose-based filler for elastomeric compounds INNOSUISSE In Process 30.09.2020 30.09.2022
40818.1 IP-SBM Faires Arbeitsmodell "Office Services" (FAMOS) INNOSUISSE In Process 29.02.2020 30.06.2024
35326.1 IP-EE Elektronischer Spannungsregler für Verteilnetze INNOSUISSE In Process 31.05.2020 31.05.2023
40230.1 IP-SBM Stakeholder-orientiertes Reporting für Institutionen mit sozialem Auftrag INNOSUISSE In Process 31.05.2020 31.05.2024
40967.1 IP-LS Development of a non-invasive single cell molecular in vitro diagnostic test for endometriosis INNOSUISSE In Process 14.02.2020 14.08.2022
40598.1 IP-ICT Spectrace INNOSUISSE In Process 29.02.2020 28.02.2022
41265.1 IP-ENG Sustainable and flexible magnets and optimized magnetization thereof INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2020 30.09.2023
41417.1 IP-SBM Safety durch Nutzung der Schwarmintelligenz der Mitarbeitenden (sWafety) INNOSUISSE In Process 29.02.2020 30.11.2022
40458.1 IP-ENG GEOL_BIM INNOSUISSE In Process 29.02.2020 31.05.2022
41524.1 IP-ENG Digitalization and Automated Tools in Biotech 4.0 - Efficient Bioprocessing via Fully Integrated Manufacturing Chains INNOSUISSE In Process 29.02.2020 31.08.2022
41164.1 IP-SBM HS Bridge: improve equity and efficacy in health and social care INNOSUISSE In Process 29.02.2020 31.12.2022