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NR title Research center Project status project start end of project ▲
F-5217.30125 18SIB09 TEMMT: Traceability for electrical measurements at millimetre-wave and terahertz frequencies for cummincations METAS In Process 30.04.2019 29.04.2022
58901.1 INNO-LS Aseptic Seal for Microbial Air Monitoring INNOSUISSE Finished 29.10.2021 29.04.2022
SI/502113 Parameterstudie von Reindampftrocknung SFOE Finished 30.09.2020 29.04.2022
58615.1 INNO-LS Bestimmung der Kollagenfaserausrichtungen der Hornhaut mittels PS-OCT INNOSUISSE Finished 29.10.2021 29.04.2022
SI/502089 Valorisation de la biomasse des fauches des bords des routes dans des installations de biogaz SFOE Finished 30.04.2021 29.04.2022
SI XX-XXX Evaluation von PEIK (Programm für Energieeffizienz in KMU) SFOE-EVAL Finished 28.02.2021 29.04.2022
52848.1 INNO-ENG Machbarkeitsstudie zur Entwicklung von Leichtbauplatten für Doppelböden INNOSUISSE Finished 29.04.2021 29.04.2022
17.00082 Crop diversification and low-input farming across Europe: from practitioners engagement and ecosystems services to increased revenues and chain organisation SERI In Process 30.04.2017 29.04.2022
8T20/16.0104.PJ Bodenforschung: Eigenschaften + Messmethoden FOEN Finished 31.12.2016 29.04.2022
39407.1 IP-SBM Colearnis INNOSUISSE Finished 31.10.2020 30.04.2022
46197.1 IP-ICT TraDA-IoT: Track & Trace integrated Digital Anticounterfeiting for the Internet of Things INNOSUISSE Finished 31.10.2020 30.04.2022
42794.1 IP-EE Explorative steps towards a miniaturised sensor to revolutionise the measurement of toxic nanoparticles INNOSUISSE Finished 31.08.2020 30.04.2022
36334.1 IP-LS Clinical impact of Resistell's AST on treatment decisions in bacteremia and sepsis and method validation for new indications INNOSUISSE Finished 31.08.2019 30.04.2022
44918.1 IP-SBM Boost your organizational performance with a HR Analytics platform INNOSUISSE Finished 31.01.2021 30.04.2022
44422.1 IP-SBM The concept of loadspace-shipment-sharing: at the example of a Swiss fleet operator community (LSS-FLOC) # perspectives towards truck sharing INNOSUISSE Finished 30.04.2020 30.04.2022
38518.1 IP-ENG A customisable laser-polishing technology for optics manufacturing INNOSUISSE Finished 30.04.2020 30.04.2022
32823.1 IP-ENG Active access card and non-blocking access gates INNOSUISSE Finished 30.04.2019 30.04.2022
40829.1 IP-ICT Automatisches Zählen von Varroa Milben in Bienenvölkern INNOSUISSE Finished 31.01.2020 30.04.2022
51144.1 IP-LS Development of realistic micro neurosurgical simulation training environment INNOSUISSE Finished 28.02.2021 30.04.2022
40927.1 IP-LS Developing novel peptides that bind to diseased extracellular matrix and therapeutic approaches towards their application in Lung Fibrosis INNOSUISSE Finished 30.06.2020 30.04.2022
ExSt.2023.1443 Mid-Term Review of the Vocational Training and Employment Support Services -VTESS -Laos SDC Finished 30.04.2022 30.04.2022
26939.1 PFLS-LS INNOSUISSE Finished 31.10.2018 30.04.2022
35189.1 IP-SBM Strategility - Agile strategische Entscheidungsprozesse INNOSUISSE Finished 31.12.2019 30.04.2022
29832.1 IP-ENG Erhöhung der Gebrauchstauglichkeit flexibler Netze im natürlichen Terrain durch grossmasstäbliche Steinschlagtests INNOSUISSE Finished 31.10.2018 30.04.2022