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NR title Research center Project status ▲ project start end of project
CTR00690 ROES - Reliability of Operators in Emergency Situations (Nachfolgeprojekt von Human Reliability Analysis HRA) ENSI In Process 31.03.2015 29.06.2023
15SEMI Selen in Milch FSVO In Process 03.03.2015 29.06.2018
C14.0106 Local Government Performance and Reforms in Switzerland COST In Process 28.02.2015 30.03.2017
C14.0113 Temporal and spatially explicit forecast-model for broad-front bird migration across Switzerland based on radar surveillance COST In Process 28.02.2015 27.02.2018
C14.0089 Allotment Garden Communities and their contribution to Neighbourhood Development COST In Process 31.01.2015 27.02.2017
C14.0063 Assessing non-target risks of candidates for the biological control of ragweed in Europe COST In Process 31.01.2015 30.01.2017
C14.0065 New organizational forms of urban garden management COST In Process 31.01.2015 29.09.2016
C14.0049 Planet habitability in light of state-of-the-art models of host stars COST In Process 31.01.2015 30.01.2018
E2012-2 Nachhaltigkeitsbeurteilung Teilrevision des Raumplanungsgesetzes, 2. Etappe ARE In Process 31.01.2015 30.12.2017
2015EDA05 Projekte und Workshops zum Thema "Printemps arabe"; Kleinprojekte bis max. 10'000.00 DIS In Process 31.12.2014 30.12.2015
C14.0068 Reduced Basis Preconditioners for Parametrized Differential Problems (RB-Prec) COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.12.2017
C14.0070 A high-throughput approach to in vitro anti-leishmanial drug screening-rapidly short-listing biologically effective drugs for in vivo trials COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.12.2017
C14.0071 High accuracy integral equation methods for computational bio-electromagnetics COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.12.2017
C14.0073 Synchrotron Microbeam Radiation Therapy for Animal Patients: Trial towards Clinical Use in Radio-Oncology COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.12.2017
C14.0074 Analysis and manipulation of strigolactone biosynthesis in petunia COST In Process 31.12.2014 29.11.2016
C14.0075 Acting on long range charge transfer and localization in molecular systems with intense single cycle THz pulses COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.12.2016
C14.0076 Establishment and validation of parameters suitable for automatised and early detection of animal well-being and metabolic balance in dairy cows in pasture based feeding systems COST In Process 31.12.2014 29.06.2017
C14.0084 Freiraumbezogene Waldentwicklung in urbanen und suburbanen Räumen der Schweiz - SUBURBFOR COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.12.2016
C14.0025 A Travel Standard for Aerosol Optical Depth in the UV (UVAOD) COST In Process 31.12.2014 29.06.2017
C14.0036 Structure and Dynamics of Collaborative Information Spaces COST In Process 31.12.2014 29.06.2017
C14.0037 Alpine treelines in a warmer world: synthesis of a nine-year CO2 enrichment and six-year soil heating experiment COST In Process 31.12.2014 29.06.2016
C14.0040 Friction on the atomic scale across phase transitions COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.12.2017
C14.0041 Integrating Species Mixtures in Tree Growth Functions for Forest Development Models in Switzerland (Swiss-SpeMixMod) COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.05.2017
C14.0046 Towards the next generation of forest gap models: Sensitivity analysis and Bayesian calibration of ForClim COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.05.2018
C14.0091 Design and characterisation of polymer-ceramic fibre interphase in hybrid materials for ultrasonic application (PolCerIntHyb) COST In Process 31.12.2014 30.10.2016