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NR ▲ title Research center Project status project start end of project
P2018-Eurostars-016 SEALION - Seaborg External multiphysics Arichtecture for Licensing and Ip development of Nuclear reactors SERI Finished 30.04.2018 29.04.2021
P2018-Eurostars-017 APEEX - Bee Health and Productivity Monitoring SERI Finished 28.02.2018 27.02.2020
P2018-Eurostars-018 MultiContrastPhotonCT - Spectral Contrast Agents and Photon-Counting Detectors for Spectral Computed Tomography SERI Finished 30.06.2018 29.06.2021
P2018-Eurostars-019 DRAGON - HybriD storage combining high pOwer and eNergy densities SERI Finished 30.06.2018 29.06.2021
P2018-Eurostars-020 BRICS - Broadly Tuneable Interband Cascade Laser Source for Gas Analysers SERI Finished 30.06.2018 29.06.2021
P2018-Eurostars-021 ASCAR - Anti Soiling Coating applied by Robots SERI Finished 30.04.2018 30.04.2020
P2018-Eurostars-022 SPAS - Sleep Physician Assistant System SERI Finished 30.06.2018 30.12.2020
P2018-Eurostars-026 NANOGLIOMA - Nanoparticle based magnetic hyperthermia for safe and efficient glioblastoma treatment SERI Finished 30.11.2018 29.11.2021
P2018-Eurostars-027 EquiMoves - Equine Gait Analysis Using Wireless Inertial Sensor Networks SERI Finished 30.09.2018 30.03.2021
P2018-Eurostars-028 MEPV2 - Micro-Enhanced PV: Planar optical micro-tracking for high efficiency solar panels SERI Finished 31.08.2018 31.07.2020
P2018-Eurostars-029 LeakLoQu - Hand held detector for stand-off gas leak localization and quantification SERI Finished 31.10.2018 30.10.2020
P2018-Eurostars-030 GODESS SERI Finished 31.08.2018 30.08.2020
P2018-Eurostars-031 SensiScreen Glioma SERI Finished 30.09.2018 29.09.2021
P2018-Eurostars-032 SAM4ROB SERI Finished 02.07.2018 30.12.2020
P2018-Eurostars-033 IMPACT 2 - Innovative Multifaced Platform for Antimicrobials Commercialisation Transformation 2 SERI Finished 30.09.2018 29.09.2021
P2018-Eurostars-034 Oportunity - Operation Oriented Tunnel Inspection System SERI Finished 30.09.2018 29.09.2020
P2018-Eurostars-035 FACU2 - Autonomous Folding Modular Unit Development SERI Finished 31.10.2018 29.06.2021
P2018-Eurostars-036 UNIFORM - Unprecedented innovative diagnostics of heart failure with 4D/5D MRI flow imaging SERI Finished 30.09.2018 29.09.2021
P2018-Eurostars-037 STOREF - Compact Thermal Energy Storage for Industrial Refrigeration Processes SERI Finished 30.09.2018 30.09.2020
P2018-Eurostars-038 CaRe - A nove interactive mHealth platform for personalised and accessible Cardiac Rehabilitation SERI Finished 31.08.2018 30.08.2021
P2018-Eurostars-039 DRIVE - Delivering a radical innovation in vaccine development (Drive) SERI Finished 02.09.2018 29.09.2021
P2018-Eurostars-040 Femtoxide - High power femtosecond laser systems based on ytterbium doped sesquioxide crystals SERI Finished 30.11.2018 30.05.2021
P2018-Eurostars-041 TiSR - Novel MEMS Microphone Packaging Technology for an Inner Ear Microphone SERI Finished 30.06.2018 29.06.2020
P2018-Eurostars-042 PREV-ALE - PREVenting Anastomotic LEakage by developing an Anastomotic Perfusion Measurement Device (APM) SERI Finished 31.08.2018 29.08.2020
P2018-Eurostars-043 MiniLib - Miniaturised lab automation for bead-based nucleic acid clan-up in Next Generation Sequencing SERI Finished 30.09.2018 29.03.2020