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NR ▲ title Research center Project status project start end of project
F502-0954 Projekt "Auswirkungen der Klimaänderung auf die Schweizer Volkswirtschaft" (Phase II) Modul B FOEN Finished 18.12.2006 30.07.2007
F504-0612 Vertrag Kurzfassung Bericht "KMU Textilbranche" FOEN Finished 31.03.2007 23.10.2007
F-5111.30007 EMRP-IND10: Optical and tactile metrology for absolute form characterisation METAS Finished 31.08.2011 30.08.2014
F-5111.30013 EMRP-HLT02: Metrological Characterisation of Micro-Vesicles from Body Fluids as Noninvasive Diagnostic Biomarkers METAS Finished 31.05.2012 30.05.2015
F-5111.30020 EMRP-IND58: Metrology for Movement and Positioning in six Degrees of Freedom METAS Finished 31.05.2013 30.05.2016
F-5111.30021 EMRP-IND59: Multi-Sensor Metrology for Microparts in Innovative Industrial Products METAS Finished 31.05.2013 30.05.2016
F-5111.30053 Computer-Tomographie METAS Finished 31.12.2014 29.06.2018
F-5111.30075 15SIB09 3DNano: Traceable three-dimensional nanometrology METAS Finished 30.09.2016 29.09.2019
F-5111.30099 17IND08 AdvanCT: Advanced Computed Tomography for dimensional and surface measurements in industry METAS Finished 31.05.2018 29.11.2021
F-5111.30106 820774 MANUELA: Additive Manufacturing using Metal Pilot Line METAS In Process 30.09.2018 29.09.2022
F-5111.30121 18NRM07 NanoXSpot: Measurement of the focal spot size of X-ray tubes with spot sizes down to 100 nm METAS In Process 30.06.2019 29.06.2022
F-5111.30139 19NET01 AdvManuNet: Support for a European Metrology Network on advanced manufacturing METAS In Process 31.05.2020 29.05.2024
F-5111.30156 Computertomographie 4.0 (CT 4.0) METAS In Process 31.10.2021 30.10.2024
F-5116.30004 EMRP-ENV03: Traceability for Surface Spectral Solar Ultraviolet Radiation METAS Finished 31.07.2011 30.07.2014
F-5116.30039 EMRP-ENG62: Metrology for efficient and safe innovative lighting METAS Finished 31.05.2014 30.05.2017
F-5116.30054 Multidimensionale Reflektometrie (Appearance) METAS Finished 31.12.2014 29.06.2018
F-5116.30074 15SIB07 PhotoLED: Future photometry baed on slid-state lighting products METAS Finished 31.08.2016 30.08.2019
F-5116.30089 16NRM02 SURFACE: Pavement surface characterisation for smart and efficient road lighting METAS Finished 30.06.2017 30.12.2020
F-5116.30090 16NRM08 BiRD: Bidirectional reflectance definitions METAS Finished 30.04.2017 30.08.2020
F-5116.30108 1W optical power METAS Finished 31.01.2019 30.12.2019
F-5116.30109 LiD - HIghly ssensitive Short-Wave Infrared LiDAR METAS In Process 31.01.2019 30.01.2022
F-5116.30122 18SIB03 BxDiff: New quantities for the measurement of appearance METAS In Process 30.04.2019 29.04.2022
F-5116.30140 flickereffekt im Strassentunnel METAS In Process 31.05.2020 30.12.2021
F-5116.30164 Support for the standardisation of luminance distribution measurements for assessing glare and obtrusive light using high-dynamic-range imaging systems METAS In Process 30.09.2022 29.09.2025
F-5117.30008 EMRP-IND14: New generation of frequency standards for industry METAS Finished 31.07.2011 30.07.2014