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NR title Research center Project status project start ▲ end of project
SI/502134 Concept for The Swiss Wind Energy Machine Learning Platform - improving wind energy project planning and operation SFOE Finished 31.10.2020 27.02.2021
48741.1 IP-EE MIR coatings for QCL comb spectroscopy INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.10.2022
43524.1 IP-SBM inklusiv plus: Psychische Gesundheit von arbeitslosen Jugendlichen INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 30.04.2023
46165.1 IP-SBM Stop Hate Speech INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 30.11.2022
43021.1 IP-EE Detection and quantification of nanoparticles in real-world samples INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.10.2022
39407.1 IP-SBM Colearnis INNOSUISSE Finished 31.10.2020 30.04.2022
46963.1 IP-LS Microfluidic-based direct identification of virus-neutralizing antibodies from comprehensive B-cell repertoires of elite controllers of infection (##DIVA#) for a rapid anti-pandemic response INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.10.2022
39947.1 IP-LS Anti-L1CAM antibody therapy for rare diseases INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.10.2022
ExSt.2020.1117 VOTO-Studie zur eidgenössischen Volksabstimmung vom 27.09.2020 FCH Finished 31.10.2020 31.10.2020
48014.1 IP-ENG WatMon - Drinking water quality monitoring system INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 30.04.2023
45921.1 IP-ENG Swiss HIPOGRAPH: Development of a highly porous graphene based composite membrane for waterproof breathable applications Acronym: Swiss HIPOGRAPH INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 30.04.2023
47287.1 IP-ENG Upcycling von Mischkunststoffnebenströmen zu hochsteifen Vollrezyklat Polymercomposite Sandwichbauplatten mittels Fliesspress-/Schäumverfahren. INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.07.2022
46999.1 IP-ICT Vivaldi - Quality control and high-accuracy tracking system for steel mills INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.03.2023
SI/502127 AlEnCycles Aluminium-Redox-Cycles for the Production of Heat and Electricity for Buildings based on Renewable Energie SFOE Finished 31.10.2020 30.12.2021
SI/502138 Dispositif mobile de mesure en continu du contenu énergétique de plaquettes forestières SFOE In Process 31.10.2020 30.01.2024
43521.1 IP-LS Investigating the enhanced mucosal immune response against vaccines and protection against bacterial infections promoted by the ATPase Apyrase INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.10.2022
46850.1 IP-ENG EMERALD - Emerging ALD Technology for the Swiss Optics Industry INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.10.2023
2020-01 Ökobilanz von synthetischen Kohlenwasserstoffen für den Einsatz als Flugtreibstoffe - "Sun-to-Liquid" und "Power-to-Liquid" Verfahren FOCA In Process 31.10.2020 29.06.2021
48742.1 IP-ICT Datalambic - Semi-Automated Acquisition of Linguistic Data INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.08.2022
45882.1 IP-LS Photo-polymerisable root canal filling material development INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 30.11.2022
41956.1 IP-ENG High speed, reflection free, micrometer resolution, multi source 3D image acquisition system for 3D automatic optical inspection (AOI) of electronic boards INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.10.2022
SI/502110 Sammlung Best-Practice Planungen im Untergrund» Umsetzung Postulat Vogler 16.4108 SFOE Finished 31.10.2020 14.07.2021
47799.1 IP-ENG Kombination von Luft- und Magnetlager für den Einsatz in Hochpräzisions-Werkzeugmaschinen INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 31.07.2023
46900.1 IP-ICT MOST: My Own Sizing Technology INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2020 30.06.2022
0142004013 International Health Policy Survey IHP 2021 der Stiftung Commonwealth Fund: Durchführung der Befragung in der Schweiz SFOPH Finished 31.10.2020 29.06.2021