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NR title Research center Project status project start ▼ end of project
A21_03 Auswirkungen der Renteninitiative auf Arbeitsmarkt, Wirtschaft, Sozialversicherungen und öffentliche Hand FSIO In Process 14.11.2021 30.05.2022
SI/502325 Voluntary Contribution (VC) IEA – 2021 SFOE In Process 31.10.2021 30.12.2021
SI/502317 SolarBody – Integration of photovoltaic element for automotive applications SFOE In Process 31.10.2021 30.03.2024
SI/502306 Temporäre Unterstützung für die Fachbereichsleitung Geo-Energie der Sektion Energieforschung und Cleantech SFOE In Process 31.10.2021 31.12.2021
SI/502271 OrtsNetz SFOE In Process 30.09.2021 31.08.2025
SI/502282 P2ATES Power-to-heat et stockage thermique en aquifère, pour la réduction du CO2 dans les chauffages à distance SFOE In Process 30.09.2021 30.03.2023
SI/502289 SunStore – Latenter, kompakter Pufferspeicher für mit Photovoltaik betriebene Wärmepumpen SFOE In Process 31.08.2021 29.06.2026
SI/502285 100%SolarLCA Lebenszyklusanalysen verschiedener Konzepte für 100 % solar beheizte Gebäude SFOE In Process 31.08.2021 29.11.2023
SI/502278 Motorisation compacte à haute efficacité pour des véhicules légers SFOE In Process 31.08.2021 29.09.2023
56768.1 IP-LS AC3T: AI powered CBCT for improved Combination Cancer Therapy INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2022 30.09.2024
56494.1 IP-ENG Impulse: ASTUTE: the Application of advanced Spectroscopic Techniques for innovation in Urea synthesis planTs and procEss INNOSUISSE In Process 28.02.2022 28.02.2026
57285.1 IP-EE High-performance impact noise and vibration damping INNOSUISSE In Process 31.01.2022 31.07.2023
57977.1 IP-LS Developing a next-generation oncology therapy targeting cancer associated fibroblasts in squamosal cell carcinoma model INNOSUISSE In Process 08.01.2022 08.01.2024
57140.1 IP-ICT Detecting Ground-Based Obstacles for Safer Flying INNOSUISSE In Process 01.01.2022 01.01.2024
53591.1 IP-ICT Impulse: HEart Augmented Reality Training System (HEARTS) INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 31.12.2023
56234.1 IP-ENG Verstärkung von Brücken mit UHFB und memory-steel-Bewehrung INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 31.12.2024
56959.1 IP-ENG JOINT CALL KR-CH 2021 - Development of innovative clamping and coupling technologies using Fe-based shape memory alloys INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 31.12.2024
57757.1 IP-ENG CHAMLED - Joint call KR-CH 2021 INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 31.12.2024
56818.1 IP-EE Sustainable mortars for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 31.12.2024
57520.1 IP-ENG Maîtrise du processus de filtration de suspension INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 30.06.2023
55540.1 IP-ENG Fluorine-free #layer by layer# nanocoating for a new generation of omniphobic textiles INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 31.03.2023
53731.1 IP-ENG Real-timE Monitoring of biO-contamination based on cosT-Effective optical device (REMOTE) INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 31.12.2023
56565.1 IP-SBM L-EASY: Digital platform to help young drivers learn to drive INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 30.06.2023
58084.1 IP-EE Cellulose white pigments for the replacement of Titania nanoparticles INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 30.06.2023
56474.1 IP-EE Catalytic hydrothermal gasification of liquid waste INNOSUISSE In Process 31.12.2021 31.12.2023