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NR ▼ title Research center Project status project start end of project
00.0484 COWAM: Comparison of decision making processes at the local and regional community level in nuclear waste facility siting EU RFP Finished 31.08.2000 30.08.2003
00.0482 SLAM: Super laser array memory EU RFP Finished 30.04.2001 29.04.2004
00.0481 APOLISS: Applications of lightweight sandwich sheets EU RFP Finished 31.01.2001 30.01.2004
00.0479 2WEAR: A runtime for adaptive and extensible wireless wearables EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.03.2004
00.0478 RADIATE: Radio digital AM tests EU RFP Finished 31.10.2000 30.10.2002
00.0477 TEMPEST: Testing and enhanced modelling of passive evolutionary systems technology for containment cooling EU RFP Finished 30.11.2000 29.11.2003
00.0474 ESC UserGroup: ESC UserGroup and InfoBank to support rail interoperability EU RFP Finished 30.06.2001 30.12.2003
00.0473 FIT: European thematic network on fire in tunnels EU RFP Finished 31.03.2001 30.03.2005
00.0471 SIREN: Socio-economic change, individual reactions and the appeal of the extreme right EU RFP Finished 31.08.2001 27.02.2005
00.0470 ODUPE: Optical devices using photosensitivity for their elaboration EU RFP Finished 30.09.2000 29.09.2004
00.0469 Euro + Med: European Initiative for the Euro + Med Plant Base EU RFP Finished 31.08.2000 30.12.2003
00.0468 VISPeR: Vehicle integral simulation for pass-by noise reduction (an innovative step towards low noise traffic emissions) EU RFP Finished 28.02.2001 28.02.2004
00.0467 SOLAR LOUVRE: Solar louvre building integrated collector EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 29.06.2003
00.0466 EVAPCOOL: passive down draught cooling - development of key components EU RFP Finished 28.02.2001 29.11.2003
00.0460 OMNIITOX: Operational models and information tools for industrial applications of eco/toxicological impact assessments EU RFP Finished 31.03.2001 30.07.2004
00.0459 WANTED: Wireless area networking of terahertz emitters and detectors EU RFP Finished 30.09.2000 29.09.2003
00.0455 EUROPUB.COM: The transformation of political mobilisation and communication in European public spheres EU RFP Finished 31.08.2001 30.08.2004
00.0454 CONTINENT: High-resolution continental paleoclimate record in the Lake Baikal: a key-site for Eurasian teleconnections to the North Atlantic Ocean and monsoonal system EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.10.2004
00.0453 HOT DRY ROCK ENERGY: European geothermal project to utilise hot dry rock / hot fractured rock resources: first phase of the construction of the scientific pilot plant. EU RFP Finished 31.03.2001 30.12.2004
00.0452-2 ELEDRIVE: Thematic network on fuel cell, electric & hybrid vehicles EU RFP Finished 30.11.2001 29.11.2004
00.0452-1 ELEDRIVE: Thematic network on fuel cell, electric & hybrid vehicles EU RFP Finished 30.11.2000 29.11.2003
00.0451 FUCHSIA: Fuel cell and hydrogen store for integration into automobiles EU RFP Finished 31.01.2001 30.07.2004
00.0450 TORRENT: Technology for a realistic end user access network testbed EU RFP Finished 30.04.2001 28.02.2004
00.0449 GMOchips: New technology in food sciences facing the multiplicity of new released GMO EU RFP Finished 31.12.2000 30.12.2003
00.0448 MEMPHIS: Multilingual content for flexible format Internet services EU RFP Finished 28.02.2001 29.06.2004