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NR title Research center Project status project start ▼ end of project
0142005655 Kantonsbefragung Palliative Care und Demenz 2023 SFOPH In Process 31.01.2023 29.11.2023
ExSt.2023.1460 Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from On-Site Wastewater Management in Switzerland FOEN Finished 29.01.2023 29.01.2023
SI/502495-WP8 Integration über LLs hinweg: Methoden, Wirkungen und Skalierung SFOE In Process 31.12.2022 30.12.2028
SI/502495-WP2 Wohlbefinden, Standards und Übergang SFOE In Process 31.12.2022 30.05.2027
SI/502495-WP3 Resilienter Übergang von Nachbarschaften SFOE In Process 31.12.2022 29.06.2027
SI/502495-WP4 Auf dem Weg zu klimaneutralen Gebäuden SFOE In Process 31.12.2022 29.09.2027
SI/502495-WP5 Die Rolle von Freiräumen für Energiewende und Wohlbefinden SFOE In Process 31.12.2022 30.12.2026
SI/502495-WP1 Die menschliche Dimension der Veränderung SFOE In Process 31.03.2022 30.12.2027
SI/502495-WP7 Energiesysteme und Infrastruktur SFOE In Process 31.03.2022 30.03.2029
CTR00828 NEA QUENCH-Accident Tolerant Fuels (ATF) Project ENSI In Process 31.12.2021 30.12.2024
CTR00922 NEA PANDA Project ENSI In Process 31.12.2021 28.06.2025
104.170.1 IP-ICT SINFONIA: Social IntelligeNce FOr strategic aNticIpAtion INNOSUISSE In Process 16.04.2023 16.04.2025
105.072.1 IP-ICT Viva VOsCE - Virtual Objective structured Clinical Examinations INNOSUISSE In Process 31.05.2023 31.05.2025
103.421.1 IP-ICT Developing AI-enabled Robotic Personal Vehicle for Reduced Mobility Population in Complex Environments INNOSUISSE In Process 30.04.2023 30.04.2025
105.073.1 IP-SBM Porter la Voix (PLV): rethinking the news consumption experience INNOSUISSE In Process 14.03.2023 14.09.2024
104.824.1 IP-LS Evaluation of novel targeting strategies to deliver engineered protein therapeutics in relevant in vitro and in vivo osteoarthritis models INNOSUISSE In Process 30.04.2023 30.04.2026
100.401.1 IP-LS Gene-editing to cure the Beta-Hemoglobinopathy Diseases INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2023 30.09.2024
104.851.1 IP-LS A new route for mild refining of pulses for protein functionality improvement and less environmental impact INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2023 31.05.2025
103.976.1 IP-LS invEC-T: a diagnostic test for invasive urinary tract infections INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2023 30.09.2024
104.830.1 IP-EE Extended surfaces and interconnects for mass and heat transfer INNOSUISSE In Process 28.02.2023 28.02.2025
103.188.1 IP-ICT AUCH - Author profiling to automatize attribution in cybercrime investigations INNOSUISSE In Process 31.03.2023 30.06.2025
104.581.1 IP-ICT Biped - Self-driving technology to guide blind pedestrians INNOSUISSE In Process 30.04.2023 31.10.2024
104.718.1 IP-EE Entwicklung einer Holzbetonverbundschwelle für Gleisanlagen unter spezieller Berücksichtigung des ökologischen Impacts INNOSUISSE In Process 30.04.2023 30.04.2026
104.069.1 IP-ICT SEM24 INNOSUISSE In Process 30.06.2023 30.06.2025
102.974.1 IP-EE GREE-M-CAT: Green Methanol Catalyst INNOSUISSE In Process 28.02.2023 28.02.2027