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SI/501978 Seismic behaviour of creeping landslides at the flanks of water reservoirs: Long-term field measurements SFOE In Process 31.12.2022 29.06.2030
CTR00284 Felslabor Mont Terri ENSI In Process 28.05.2007 30.12.2029
SI/502495 SWEET - SWICE - Sustainable well-being for the Individual and the Collectivity in the Energy transition SFOE In Process 31.03.2022 30.12.2029
21.03 Pilotstudien: Untersuchung des Potentials für die Aufwertung alpiner Quell-Lebensräume durch Einzäunung während der Alpsömmerung FOAG In Process 30.06.2021 29.06.2029
SI/502260 SWEET - DeCarbCH - Decarbonisation of Cooling and Heating in Switzerland SFOE In Process 31.03.2021 30.12.2028
SI/502266 SWEET - SURE - SUstainable and Resilient Energy for Switzerland SFOE In Process 30.04.2021 30.12.2027
SI/502266 - TA 1 Thematic area 1: Sustainability and resilience criteria and indicators SFOE In Process 30.04.2021 30.12.2027
8T20/21.0011.PJ Bodenbelastungen+Auswirkungen 2021-2027 FOEN In Process 30.06.2021 30.12.2027
SI/502496 PV Fassaden - Brandpräventionsphilosophie an Hochhäusern (>30 m) – Holenacker 65+85 SFOE In Process 31.07.2022 30.12.2027
SI/502266 - TA 4 Thematic area 4: Recommendations of strategies and roadmaps by considering the political environment and regulatory aspects SFOE In Process 30.04.2021 30.12.2027
SI/502462 Optimierung der Stickstoffausnutzung und Klimawirkung von Recyclingdüngern im Biolandbau SFOE In Process 14.07.2022 30.12.2027
SI/502269 SWEET - EDGE - Enabling Decentralized renewable GEneration in the Swiss cities, midlands, and the Alps SFOE In Process 30.04.2021 30.12.2027
SI/502266 - TA 5 Thematic area 5: Sustainability and resilience in a cantonal, urban and industrial context through case studies SFOE In Process 30.04.2021 30.12.2027
SI/502259 SWEET - PATHFNDR - PATHways to an Efficient Future Energy System through Flexibility aND SectoR Coupling SFOE In Process 30.04.2021 30.12.2027
SI/502266 - TA 2 Thematic area 2: Analysis of long-term overarching pathways, disruptive events and associated uncertainty SFOE In Process 30.04.2021 30.12.2027
8T20/22.0012.PJ FOEN In Process 31.12.2021 30.12.2027
SI/502244 Projekt Hobelwerk – Skalierbare Lösungen für den Weg zu Netto Null SFOE In Process 31.12.2020 30.12.2027
SI/502266 - TA 3 Thematic area 3: Integrated assessment of sustainable and resilient configurations of the energy system SFOE In Process 30.04.2021 30.12.2027
SI/502503 Grosstechnischer Erdspeicher Flughafen Zürich in quartärer Rinne SFOE In Process 31.08.2022 19.12.2027
SI/502504 EPFLRock4CCS - Quantifying chEmo-hydromechanical Properties and FaiLure mechanics of reservoir ROCKs for Carbon Capture and Sequestration SFOE In Process 31.10.2022 30.10.2027
21.11 FOAG In Process 31.07.2022 30.08.2027
SI/502445 IEA ISGAN TCP Annex 5 | SIRFN – Smart Grid International Research Facility Network SFOE In Process 30.06.2022 29.06.2027
62793.1 IP-LS Measurement of vital parameters in elderly by their hearing aid (Innolink: 101.732 IP-LS) INNOSUISSE In Process 31.10.2022 30.04.2027
SI/502260-WP8 Scenario and modelling, pathways, tool development, policy recommendations SFOE In Process 30.04.2025 29.04.2027
SI/502260-WP11 Lab scale thermal-grid indifferent testing of a prototype for heating and cooling SFOE In Process 30.04.2025 29.04.2027